Friday, July 18, 2008

Sing To The Sinner

They sing,
Call and wail, quiet and crescendo,
Singing their accusations to those that hear
Ringing through their ears, through their veins, through their bones
Conducted by conscience, the choir sing a song of guilt and regret

The sword of their song cuts the hardened resolve of logic and reasoning,
Of arguments and rebuttals, of rebukes and counter rebuke
Any feigned ignorance or self serving explanation falls away
Drowned by their all consuming song,
And still they sing, all the while they sing
The song immutable in its terror inspiring and awe inducing consequence
Encompassing all who listen and all the while knowing that it sings for them
That it sings for the sinners, and that we have all heard them sing

Never seeing the singers, never touching the singers
Knowing only that they have seen and they know what has been done
Knowing that they sing to torture and to remind,
And still they sing inaudible words and glimpsing melodies,
Showing no compassion they
Sing to those who have called them to play
By action and by deed, by word and by thought
They weave around and hold to any scrap they gather
Binding with the words and the action and holding it all with the one song that persists above all else
Until, deafened to all else, you stand and tremble, and hear only the song that is being sung by
Unidentifiable, innumerable voices
“Confess,” they sing
“Confess and be held in judgment”
Never hearing and all the while understanding
“We know of your sin”


Anonymous said...

Excellent poem! It really opened my eyes to the ways guilt may work. Very nice job! I recommend you continue writing!

Gina said...

Oh, so those are the voices I hear at night? But seriously, this is a very dark and somewhat frightening poem- in a good way. This could be used to freak out someone who did something wrong to you...hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Excellent poem! You really know your stuff1

Mike said...

This is a great poem, nice job!

Anonymous said...

ooo creepy, i feel shivers down my spine, great job

Zach said...

luke your the man...this poem is redunk
but serously its an interesting concept and a sophiticated point of view regarding what happens to a sinner who's guilt is overpowering...good job bro

Anonymous said...

i didn't like it one bit

Matt said...

i dont like it one bit

Anonymous said...

clowns in space is better