Friday, July 18, 2008

An Interesting Tale

Part One- Drifters
When Adrian Braeden Desdemona was born, no one thought he’d make it out alive. It was hard to believe that a baby who had seizures often, vomited on a daily basis, and had a deteriorating lung could survive too long. Sadly, they were right. He passed on when he was about nine months old. Another seizure, an arrival to the hospital a bit too late, and he was gone. Did he die due to his illnesses? Or was it because, no one had faith in his survival? Everyone knew he was going to pass away. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone. The news of his death had been passed on, and no one cried. No one seemed to be shocked; they were all awaiting this tragic moment. Funeral arrangements were not set. A simple burial in the back yard seemed to be enough for the Desdemona family.
His mother is a cold-hearted person, as is his father. His father wasn’t always a terrible person. Something made Nigel become the way he is now, but what? His wife, Cassandra. She was a pleasant child born into a Greek family, but she craved attention her parents couldn’t give her. She was one of seven children, the youngest, and her parents worked quite hard to maintain their household. The older kids never want to play with the youngest of the family. It’s like a disease created at birth. After a while, she felt ignored by her entire family. She grew to be an adolescent full of hate.
One day, in college, she met Nigel. He fell in love with her on the first date. She never felt much for him. She went on pretending to love him, and they got married. She was now Mrs. Desdemona. He worked all day and night. Meanwhile, she stayed at home and lived a life full of riches. She grew tired with all the jewelry and flowers he bestowed upon her. Cassandra wanted to experience more than what Nigel gave her. She grew bored with the sex, too, and she invited Nigel’s ex-best friend, Remington, over while he was away. She slept with him.
Remington admitted to having sex with Cassandra, and Nigel was infuriated. His love for her, however, did not allow him to hate her. He grew terribly ill for awhile, yet she didn’t take care of him. He had to fend for himself. When he was finally better, he locked his heart up in a safe; discarded it behind closed doors not even a top priority military force could open.
Neither cared much about their children after that. They had twin girls before baby Adrian, who were born under Remington’s wing; Amaris and Aiyanna. Both girls were born with long, red hair that flowed down their backs, and hazel eyes that grew duller with each oncoming year. Amaris had cut her hair shoulder length, so everyone could tell the difference between herself, and her sister. The two were very bright children. Though they had a terrible life, they kept their heads up high, hoping things would get better.
Nigel did not enjoy having them around. They did not come to life with his help. He’d beat them from time to time for the littlest of things; a sneeze too loud, a hair out of place, or even a shoe lace left undone. Eventually, he came to realize his wrongdoing, and he stopped. He’d begin to feel affection once more. He apologized to them, and hugged them daily. Nigel would even take them out for ice cream, but it wasn’t enough to clear their mentality of what he did.
Their mother abused them mentally. Cassandra always told Amaris that she’d never succeed in being a doctor, and she always told Aiyanna that she’d never be able to do anything but lay on her back. Of course, the girls never listened to their thick-witted mother. They knew better than to listen to a woman so foolish, savage, and ignorant.
The girls were seventeen when Adrian had been born, but still babies to the world. Although they were seventeen, they had much to experience. Amaris and Aiyanna had always felt terrible knowing that they were bastard children. Both committed suicide when the newborn came home, believing that a baby, plus two teenage girls, was a bit too much for the family to handle. Thus, they let the rigged rocks that ascended from the ocean take their lives.
Although both parents were tremendously cruel, they did feel guilty at times. Nigel always went by the cliff Aiyanna and Amaris leaped from. He’d touch the ledge, wishing he had the courage to jump off. Cassandra would visit the girls’ room when Nigel was at the cliff. She’d gaze into the emptiness, and remain quiet for moment. She hardly spoke to begin with, but when peeking into the room, she fell into a moment of pure silence.
Part Two- Back to Adrian
A baby doesn’t deserve a backyard burial. Babies don’t even deserve death. When babies die, they get stuck in a limbo; a place of oblivion between hell and heaven. That’s where you’ll find baby Adrian now; alone and open to all harm that may come his way. It's a gloomy place, with a luminous, eerie glow. The plants seem to be wilting, and the trees are dying, succumbing to the disparity in this kingdom of darkness. A blanket of fog covers this land without a sense of hesitation. A dark, evil spirit roams this limbo that Adrian has been cast away to. This dark life force calls himself Ian.
Ian is the father of this intermediate world. He’s quite a cunning, unusual person. He takes in everyone who comes to the limbo, and gives them a choice. Will they live in his kingdom, or will they go to the Sanctuary; a place of purity. This place of innocence has a sea of flowers, flowing with radiant colors. There are candy apple trees, and rivers, never ending, made of chocolate milk. There's even a princess, Lily. There are many children in this place, hundreds of them. Why wouldn't anyone want to live in the Sanctuary?
In this limbo, Adrian is taken to Ian by two retrievers. They are wearing black cloaks, one with what looks like a ponytail under a hood. Hiding their mouths and noses under red scarves, two sets of light, golden brown eyes peer at the boy. Following the retrievers, there are helpers; a pact of eight, white, colossal sized wolves. Since Adrian is only a baby, one of the retrievers carries him, and rides atop a wolf. They go back to Ian, who is under a tree, and set the baby down before him without saying a word.
A grin forms across the male's lips. Ian moves toward the baby in one swift motion. Scooping Adrian up into his arms, he chuckles menacingly. He then looks over at the ones who presented him with the infant.
"A job well done, my dear children," he'd speak in a hushed, dreary voice.
In unison, the two would respond, "Thank you, sir!"


Gumdrop :-] said...

This Story Rulz. I love everything about it. Especially the story... You rule Jellybean

Emily said...

This is so good! I love what you added. I can't wait to see what happens next! Poor baby!!:(

Maria said...

This is just a little depressing... I can't get over the fact that the two teenage girls commit suicide when Adrian comes home, or how cruel their parents are. I definitely think they are going to get their comeuppance somehow, whether Adrian kills them or just goads them into suicide, which would identify with the whole "playing-with-your-food" thing.

I think I just heard Noah saying that you need more description for the retrievers. I was picturing golden retrievers riding on the wolves and it just didn't make sense to me. Clarification would be helpful!

I think you have a very interesting story going here what with the evil parents & spirits, suicide-commiting twins, and Limbo. I'm curious to see what comes next.....

Luke said...

you are a very twisted indevidual! But you do write a good story. It's emotional, Intriguing, dark and suspenseful> I await More