Thursday, July 24, 2008

When Will it All End

I no longer believe that
The world will ever be at peace.
With all this talk of war affecting lives,
How can anyone be happy?
They take our little ‘fellas’,
And turn them into men.
They send them out to war,
And then they are babies again.
What do we do?
How do we do it?
Will this plan work out?
Oh geez, we blew it!
Duck, Duck!
Fire, Fire!
Shoot! Take Over!
Then another life expires.
Will we continue to go on like this?
All the children cry,
“Mommy, when’s Daddy coming back?”
How’s she to tell them Daddy died.


Gumdrop :-] said...

Loved it..... <3 <(^_^)>

Mara Kate said...

That's so sad but it's so true it's all george bushes fault that he sent all those troops to Iraq