Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On the Brink SCENE 4

Katie stood at the doorway, clearly unnoticeable to her boss, Ralph Dibbler. He rustled through paper after paper, grunting to himself and biting his ballpoint pen harder. Katie cleared her throat.
“Excuse me?”
“Katie! Thanks a bunch for coming down on such short notice. We need to discuss, well… your career,” He paused, glancing at her troubled face from the corner of his eye. “Obviously, such a reaction from our viewers the other day cannot be dropped so… so effortlessly. I hate to do this, but if our company is in jeopardy than changes must be made.”
With an awkward gulp, Katie managed, “What… kind of changes, sir?”
“I’m going to have to hire a new reporter for the show,” Ralph announced, still refusing to make eye contact with his employee. Katie stifled a gasp. He continued, “Unless… you can acquire a captivating story in one day. I will judge your discovery and decide whether you’re fired or not. I’m sorry, but this is the only condition I am offering. Now, please, get to work before I change my mind.”
Katie stood up from her chair, absentminded as she strolled towards the door. The ideas that used to come naturally were nowhere in sight, lingering just out of reach. She was stumped with reporter’s block, and there was nothing------
She gasped, jumping at the concept that a notion had popped into her head. Claire had mentioned something unbelievable about a time machine… and keeping it a secret. Katie was sure Claire wouldn’t mind sharing if she knew her friend’s job was in jeopardy. But just to be safe, she decided not to tell Claire of her plan.

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