Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wistful Thinking

I wish that just once
I could see him again
as the memories of him
I wish I could
feel his presence,
feel the warmth
that radiates from his body
when it touches
Wishing and hoping,
every night at 11:11;
wishing and hoping
for something I know will
never happen.
I pray for his comfort,
for the tingling sensation that I get
from just being around him.
I yearn for him to touch me,
even just to brush my hair away;
yet in the back of mind,
I know it’s wistful thinking.
But despite the cloud of rejection
hovering over me,
I press on,
knowing all the while
he’ll never love me
like I love him.


Gina said...

This one is sad. I love the line "cloud of rejection that hovers/over me". Great imagery.

Marylisa said...

That was really good, although the line breaks can use some work so it doesn't sound so choppy. Other than that I could really see how your feeling, it was great :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks both of you. And I'll take your suggestion into consideration, Marylisa.

Maddie said...

this is amazing, i absolutely love it. my critiques and ideas are the same as marylisa's

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maddie.