Friday, July 18, 2008

Finding My Killer(??)-Chapter 3

Chapter 3
"What?" Mike asked me.
"Look at the note."
Hey Jordan,
I found this really cool spot that we could hang out at. It's in the woods off of Queen Street. Just follow the path and you'll come to a small clearing. I'll be waiting for you and Rachel in the clearing. Can't wait to see you!
"Why would my killer lead my two best friends to my body?" I asked.
"I don't know. Maybe there's something that they left with your body. Let's go look."
"Wait I think we should help them find my body. Then they can call the police and we can see what the police think and what they do."
"Good idea, but just think. If they find your body won't they be traumatized? Do you really want them to suffer?"
He had a point, but didn't someone have to find my body? And the killer was leading them right to it. Why couldn't I just help move the process along?
"I don't know. I mean whoever killed me wants them to find my body. They'll find it anyways, so technically I'm just getting them there faster. I know they'll be upset, but There's not really much that I can do. They'll be upset anyway they find out," Ana replied.
"It's all up to you. I mean this is your murder. You can control it."
"Nothing, go help them find your body."
I gave him a look that meant I knew he wasn't telling me the truth. I knew in time I would eventually have to find out, so I let this one slide. I walked over to some bushes and I shook them vigorously so that I could get their attention.
“What was that?” Rachel asked nervously.
“Maybe it was Ana. She must be over there.” Jordan said. She gestured for Rachel to follow her. Rachel had a worried look on her face and followed reluctantly. They went by where the trees had ruffled. The path kept going for a little while.
“Why would she want to hang out in the woods? She doesn’t seem to be the type to hang out in woods, maybe the mall and near a tree in the mall, but that’s about as close as I’d think she’d get.” Rachel said in a voice full of nerves.
Jordan and I laughed. We had been friends longer than Rachel had been friends with us; I used to go camping every other month with my whole family, which included my mother and father, older brother and sister, and younger sister. To say that I wasn’t the woods type of girl was like saying Dane Cook wasn’t funny.
Rachel had a puzzled look on her face.
“You just don’t know Ana like I do,” Jordan replied.
“More like did know me, since I’m now DEAD!” I said annoyed.
“Don’t take it out on them. They don’t know you’re dead yet,” Mike replied.
“Yea, I guess you’re right. I shouldn’t blame them for my predicament, but what if one of them is my killer?” I asked.
“Why would your best friend want you dead? Not even just dead, but kill you?” Mike asked.
“I don’t know but anything is possible right?”
“I guess.”
They had gotten behind Rachel and Jordan and were following them. They had gotten farther behind them than they had noticed. While they were walking, out of the blue, they heard an ear splitting scream come from a Rachel and then heard Jordan say, “Call 9-1-1!”
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Carolyn said...

OOOOh! So intriguing - I can't stop reading - post more!!
I BET THAT...the killer wanted them to find the body so he/she could frame them for her murder...that's just my guess (hehe) more and I'll keep brainstorming titles
here are some ideas:
The Murder of Anastasia [last name]
Second Chance
(I'll think of some more i promise)

Emily said...

thanks. did u read the firt two they would make more sence if you did. lol. i loe the ideas too! thanks

Anonymous said...

uh, a title could be
"My Best Friend Wants To Kill Me"