Friday, July 25, 2008

On the Definition of Power

Today I feel small.
Not as in weak, or unpowerful,
No! not at all-
I feel small and light.
I have the springy energy
Of a tiny gymnast.
I could jump ten feet in the air
I could leap tall buildings in a single bound
I could fly if I wanted to
I could conquer the world.
I am full of energy
I am strong:
Today I am wearing leggings.
With them, I become as a cat:
Flexible, agile, lithe, dexterous
Aware of every muscle, every sinew,
Of every nail and bone
And the cool grace of my movements.
With no unnecessary fabric,
I am aerodynamic
With my hair finally cut short,
I am free again
And everyone, and everything, and everywhere
Is motion.
Start the countdown.
Prepare for take-off.

1 comment:

Marylisa said...

Ok, I kinda don't get it...and what do you mean by "I become as a cat"?