Friday, July 25, 2008

Jigsaw vs. Lip gloss

I have the sneaking suspicion that nobody understands my cerebral jigsaw. I guess it’s difficult to look at its pieces, worn down and bent in some places, without the singular derision of one who has outgrown such things. But I’d rather have my jigsaw than your nasty pile of lip gloss, oozing gushy lies. It’s just not right to be always characterized by the pile of paint you sludge on your face each morning. It makes your beautiful face into a mask- it even has a visible seam, just below your jaw line. Disgusting. I’d much rather sit here and solve my cerebral jigsaw, because goodness knows you won’t.

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Kristen said...

this is about the whole "brains over beauty" idea, right? thats the impression i got and i looovveee it. i agree with you 100% on the fact that solving problems in life and using your intelligence to your advantage is much much more important than, as you said, "the pile of paint you sludge on your face each morning."