Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finding my killer-(??) Chapter 4

Chapter 4
"Oh. Shoot they found me," I said, "That was weird to say."
Mike laughed. "Come on we should go and make sure they're ok." Mike and I ran over to where my body was and we found Jordan and Rachel on the ground examining my body. I was horrified at the sight of them. They were crying hysterically and they kept saying, "No, no. Come on Ana, you can't be dead."
Finally, the police came and they took a look at the body. It took them about forty-five minutes to finally calm down Jordan and Rachel. They wouldn't believe I was dead. I felt horrible for having them find my body. Mike was right, they were traumatized. I couldn't believe I had just had my two best friends find my dead body. I was the worst friend in the world. "It had to be done don't blame yourself." Mike said putting his hand gently on her shoulder.
"What do you mean? You were right. I shouldn't have made them find me. I ruined their lives."
"No you didn't they are just really sad that you died. Trust me this is a good thing. I watched the police make records of what happened to you. I can make a copy of it and we can start seeing what happened. We can stop by the coroner's office and the police station everyday to get the new leads."
I nodded. I was now going to become a detective. Detective Ana finding her murderer by day and being a total lost soul during the night. A few days went by and Mike and I had gotten nowhere on the search for my murderer. "Man, they make this look so easy on the T.V." Mike laughed. We were looking through the police records and seeing what the police had found. "Face it there's nothing here. It would be just so easy if we could go back in time and watch who killed me. I mean it is my past. I just don't understand this." I said totally confused that we couldn't figure out this murder any faster than a snail could move.
"It's just going to take some time. Patience is key young grasshopper." Mike said and smiled.
I laughed at his imitation of a Chinese kung-fu trainer; I was amazed that he had a sense of humor. “So what happened to you? I mean you’re dead too right?” Mike just kept looking through the folders. I thought he hadn’t heard me. I opened my mouth to ask him again. Then he decided to talk.
“Remorse.” It was the only word out of his mouth. I didn’t understand. What did remorse have to do with him dying? Did someone feel remorse for him and kill him too? Did he have so much remorse he just couldn’t take and just died one day? Mike sensed my confusion. “I did something that I wasn’t proud of doing. I was tricked into doing it and when the deed was done I realized what I had done and I felt so much remorse I just couldn’t live with the pain. So one night my parents weren’t home. I took some pills from the medicine cabinet and overdosed.”
“Oh, well you don’t have to tell me what you did if you don’t want to. It’s ok.”
“I don’t want to say. It’s really painful.”
“Can I just ask when you died?”
“I died yesterday at two in the morning.”
“Wow. I’m sorry you killed yourself. I mean I thought it was bad to be murdered, but to kill yourself? That just tops the list.”
“Yea, well since we know who killed me let’s try to figure out who killed you. Is there anyone who you can think of who would even have the slightest grudge against you?”
I thought about this for a minute. Was there anyone who hated me so much they would love to have me dead? There was one person who didn’t like me. I wonder if she would have killed me. She wouldn’t have stuck the knife in my back. Heck, no. She’s too good for that.
“There is one person I can think of.”
“Who is it?” Mike asked in a nervous tone. I didn’t notice he sounded nervous at first, it just sort of passed my mind that he was nervous.
“Jenifer Wilson.” Mike’s face got an expression of total horror on it. I noticed that right away. “What do you know her?” I asked.
Mike’s face was still horror struck just then we heard a loud voice. It screamed “ANSWER HER QUESTION!” I screamed and jumped so high in the air. Mike just took a breath and sighed. “What…,” I started, “was that?!”
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