Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lost (Chapter 5)

I looked out the window I had looked out of so many times before in my life. My vision was obscured by those red drapes, which were now faded, looking like a memory more than reality. I brushed them back, and sure enough, the trucks were pulling into the driveway. As if on cue, I heard the loud voices I had heard earlier in the woods. I could hear them checking all the rooms below me, their thudding of boots growing closer and closer. They soon reached my room and after a moment’s hesitation, a boot came through the door, smashing it into pieces.
“Freeze!” A voice I recognized said. “Put your hands above your head!”
It was Jack. He was with the men who wanted to kill me. I obeyed him, getting over the surprise of seeing him here. I figured he might give me a fair chance to explain myself.
“Why can’t I find them? Tell me why I can’t find them.” I pleaded with him as more agents crowded around the door.
Jack smiled at me, almost a sad smile.
“You’ve been a hard man to find.”
“I want you to tell me why I can’t find them.” I whispered, almost to myself, more than him.
“There are some things in this world that need to stay lost, things that don’t need answering.”
My brain didn’t want to hear this answer, shrieking in protest. I realized Jack was moving towards me. Would he actually kill me? I couldn’t risk it. I had to act. I knew if Jack didn’t the others surely would. I dropped my hands slowly, buying time.
“Don’t move!” Jack shouted.
I counted two agents at the door. I breathed more heavily now, anticipation making me shudder. Before I made my move, I stretched my hand out to my head, my chest and both my shoulders, asking God for forgiveness for what I was about to do.
“Put your hands on your head! Do it!”
In spite of myself, I smiled as I pulled out the concealed gun. I was going to make it out of here alive. I kept telling myself this as I watched myself punch Jack’s face and grabbing him as a hostage. It seemed like it happened in slow-motion to me, like I almost wasn’t believing what I was doing. I pulled Jack back from the agents.
“I’ll shoot!” I warned them as I held out the gun level to Jack’s head.
The agents raised their guns, probably not even caring what happened to Jack as long as I was dead. I fired, hating the sound the gun made, but hating even more the way I saw both the agents crumple to the ground. I dropped the unconscious Jack to the ground. Now I had to get out of here.

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