Friday, July 18, 2008

My ipod

Ode to my i-pod
Your sleek metal, so pink in my hand
To know that I just have to press a button and you will turn on
You know exactly what i want to listen to; I don't even need to ask
I slide my finger on the spin wheel choosing a song to listen to
Listening to you makes me feel so happy, I just have to sing and dance along
One day I know you won't be here, and yet I will still be
I will miss you and if I get a new I-pod, I will still think of you.


zylp said...

... I need to go listen to my iPod now xD
How sweet! I bet your iPod is touched. Did you read that poem to it? =)

Gumdrop :-] said...

I love my i-pod too, but i am not that obsessed with it that i will write a story for it, LOL :-]