Friday, July 18, 2008

Finding My Killer(??)-chapter 2

I woke up in a daze. I'm dead I thought. Didn't I die last night? I could have sworn I died. I stood up and analyzed myself. I wasn't blindfolded and my hands weren't tied. I had no dried blood or a knife sticking out of my back. I was so confused. I looked around. That's when I got so confused, I felt dumb. My dead body was just lying there on the ground. There I saw the blindfold, my tied hands, and the knife.
What on Earth is going on? I thought. Just then I saw something move in between two trees. I walked towards the trees. There was a slight breeze rustling the leaves all around me, but I could have sworn that there was someone near the trees. I did a 360. I saw no one. On my second time around I saw a shadow. I ran and tried to get close enough to see what or whose it was. When I reached it I saw a guy who was about my age. He was rather tall with straight, short chocolate hair. He was very muscular. He looked as if he was waiting for someone.
I walked up behind him and said, "Hello?"
He jumped out of his skin. "Whoa, wasn't expecting that." He turned and said to me. "Hi, I'm Mike."
"Hi, Mike. I'm" I had started, but was cut off.
"I know, you're Anastasia. You were killed at midnight this morning. You don't know who your killer was and you tried to figure that out, but you were unsuccessful."
"Wow. You're good."
"Thanks, it's all part of the job."
"What job?" I asked puzzled.
"I'm an angel and I'm here to give you a second chance."
"What are you talking about? I'm dead. I can't go back right?"
"Well, you never knew your killer. That's bothering you which why you're still here and not in Heaven or Hell, or Purgatory."
"So, I can know who my killer and go to wherever I go?"
"Sort of, you can figure out why you were murdered and who murdered you. It was the only thing on your mind so, you can't move on until you find out."
"So, I have to find my killer or I won't move on?" realization coming over me. "I could be stuck here forever! What if no one finds my body? What if the police can't figure out the murder? What if they get the wrong guy?"
"Yes which is why you can help figure it out and if you know who the real person is then you can move on."
"How do I find out who my killer is? I'm no detective."
"That's why you have me. I am here to help you find your killer. We will work together. Is that a plan?"
I thought this through for a moment. Go killer hunting and she could move on. Not to mention, her hunting buddy was pretty cute. She'd do it.
"Sure it's a plan."
Just then we heard a rustle in the trees. We looked over and saw two girls walking down a path.
"Oh my God!" I said.
"What do you know them?" Mike said.
"Yea they're my friends. What are they doing all the way over here?"
"Beats me, let's go." They walked over to two girls. One had strawberry hair and the other had blonde.
"Are you sure we're in the right place?" The strawberry head asked.
"That's Rachel." I said pointing to the strawberry headed girl. "The other one is Jordan."
Rachel had to make sure that she was right. She double-checked everything. She wanted to make sure that she and her friends were right because it would make them look bad if they were wrong. Jordan on the other hand didn't care if she was wrong; she always knew she was right.
"Where did she say to meet her?" Rachel asked.
"It said to meet her in the woods off Queens Street. Queens Street is up there and here are the woods." Jordan pointed up a path and the gestured to the woods.
They walked on a little more and then Rachel asked,
"What did the note say again?"
"Here read it yourself." Jordan handed the note to her. Rachel took the note and opened it. I walked behind her and read the note. I gasped with surprise at what it said.
[Author's Note: I still would love somw ideas for a title. I really don't know what to call this story. I'm not really liking Finding my Killer. well thanks for reading]

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