Monday, July 21, 2008

The Sweet Escape

The silt of all the years gone by;
Fuses with the tears and crimson blood
As it is carried far away
To that far off place behind the horizon where the hopes and dreams of the ages still have meaning…

And the tales of the toils of men,
Their efforts and strife,
Melt away in silent sorrow
Lost in years and years of history’s gathering gloom.

Whose eyes are these?
Who stare upon a world of desolation and the trudging of weary feet upon the sand?
Detached from human flesh, taking in a world of troubles without the faintest bit of truth
Yet hoping for what the future in the world beyond may bring.

The salty spray on skin;
A vast ocean, encompassing the comings and goings of a thousand lives.
Ethereal wholeness cleanses the body of its worldly ties
And beckoning hands as well as voices echo with a longing for well deserved rest.

Cool hands and the aroma of freshly cut lavender and thyme
Emanate from the depths of the sea
And the water itself rises a chorus of welcoming

Yet here I lay
With trembling hands
To be welcomed in:
A world without hatred or care.

A shining light comes from the core of the water and also my heart
And I prepare to take the plunge
As I hold my breath, or as my breath holds me,
I hear a small boy call out in the darkness.

I shake my head and open my eyes on this place I call home
To see its imperfection almost makes me want to go back.
But I still have my dues to pay
Perhaps there will come again a day
When I can gaze once again upon Silver shores.


Anonymous said...

woah. seriously, this is amazing, i love your everything.

Anonymous said...



Mike said...

this is a nasty poem

Anonymous said...

not my cup of tea
- luke