Monday, July 21, 2008

Her Last Time Up

Pink gleams!
People scream
We all cheer and clap
To a crazy extreme.

She stands there
Looking in an invisible mirror
We stand up giving her a standing ovation
That she so deserves after 2 years
Even before she spoke her first words.

The bright pink dress
The blonde curly hair
Laura Bell Bundy
The Elle Woods we adore.


Tater Tots said...

I think it's written fairly well, and I know you said you don't care, but the word choice in that one line: We stand up giving her a standing ovation. >.>; You shouldn't do that. I have like OCD, and that bothers me. xD Haha, lol. But, yeah. If its a standing ovation, we know everyone's standing. o-o; So, like... We give her a standing ovation, or something like that? Yeah. o-o;

I like the concept though. ^ ^

Maddie said...