Thursday, July 24, 2008

Float off Me (revised)

The warmth of the candle sustains my love for him but I’m still cold
The chills running up and down my spine disturb me and I need more warmth
The dark room provides me with nothing but loneliness, silence and cold.
The candle flickers violently ready to burn out like the hardship we went through to get where we are
I watch the only light in the room, a candle, flicker as if it’s my last breath to breathe
I inhale for the last time the sweet smell of the candle as if it’s the last time I can smell his sweet savory scent, soon to be nothing
My candle has melted entirely along with my burning love for him leaving no warmth, no light
I feel like a withering rose
My petals float off me one at a time more painful each time the next one floats off of me
He loves me…………. He loves me not………….

I already posted this before plz comment and tell me if it flows or if I have any mistakes

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Gumdrop :-] said...

this poem so flows, loved it <3