Friday, July 18, 2008

Finding My Killer(??)

Chapter one

They put a blindfold on my eyes. Their hands were as cold as ice, their voice a harsh bark. They threw me into the back of their truck. My head slammed against the metal door. I could feel the bruise already starting to form. My heart was in my throat, I had no idea where this person was taking me. I had no idea who they even were. I was too scared to open my mouth and scream. Breathe, just breathe and think. I took a breath and used my brain. I tried to keep track of how many turns we were taking and I tried a guess as to if they were left or right. After what seemed like hours the car took an abrupt stop.

The person took me out of the car and they shoved me deeper into oblivion where there was no turning back. My feet stumbled forward. My hands tied tightly behind my back. I could hear my short breaths. The kidnapper had their hands on my back pushing me forward. Finally I had the courage to talk.

“Who are you and why are you doing this to me?”

They were silent. I waited a minute more seeing if they were ever going to answer. They hadn’t talked at all during the whole time. I thought if I could get them to talk I could figure out who they were. After a few more silent minutes I felt scratching all over me. I smelt many different aromas. I smelt woods, lots of maple and other trees. I also smelt something nasty, but I didn’t know what it was. We stopped and all was quiet for a moment. Time seemed to have stopped, if only for a second, I had no idea.

Out of nowhere, there was a slicing sound. The pain was so excruciating. My scream was so loud I thought the whole world could hear me. I had no idea who would want to try and kill me. The battle to try and stay alive was becoming harder and harder as the minutes passed. I felt warm blood trickling down my back and dripping onto the grass. I felt myself finally fall to the ground, too weak to stay standing.

You would think that my life would be flashing before my eyes right about now, but nothing was flashing. Everything was blurry, going out of and back into focus. I tried looking around to see my killer, but they must have left me here to die. Right then and there I realized that no one was going to come and rescue me. I was going to lie here in the woods, a blindfold on my eyes and my hands tied behind my back, and die. I had lost all energy.

It was getting harder to breathe. I didn’t know what to do. Was there anything I could do? I was losing all hope of staying alive. After what seemed like hours I heard footsteps. I couldn’t scream or anything. Finally I heard my killer talk. While my breathing was slowing down they kept gulping in buckets of air into their lungs.

“Bye-bye Anastasia, it was nice knowing you.”

I had heard that voice before, but I just couldn’t place it. I was trying to think of where I heard the voice before. I just couldn’t I took one last slow breathe and by the time it was all let out, I was dead.

[Author's Note:I can't think of a good title, if you read this and can think of something, please let me know. Thanks!!]


rekhx said...

danggg that is good!

zylp said...

Dun dun duuuuuun! *enter scary Jaws music here*
That was really good. You need to write more so I can read it and tell you it's good xD And I'm your motivational squad so I have the right to tell you to write more! Hehe.