Tuesday, July 15, 2008


You’re standing, standing so still they can barley see you.
You’re hiding, hoping to god they won’t find you.
You’re running, trying to get away because you know what’s about to happen.
You’re dieing, because they’ve finally got you.

Picture this, can you imagine,
A place where everything’s perfect; a place where everything’s fine.
This place, this simple part of the world, it seems so divine.

Picture this inside your head, look into my memories.
You’re standing, standing on a bridge.
There’s moon light falling over a ridge.
You’re smiling, something you don’t do too often.
He’s kissing you, something that happens too much.
Is this a fantasy, or is this a hell?
You’re with a beautiful boy and it looks like heaven.
But you’re cheating on the boy that you once loved.

Here’s a place inside my head, a place that once was left for dead.
Here’s a story I once knew, a story that’s only about you.
A story that’s long since been forgotten, a story that keeps on coming back.

Thinking back, back to standing.
Standing, standing on your tip toes cuz he’s too tall.
You’re kissing and it seems like a fairytale.
But you’re floating way high off in the clouds, away from all your friends.
Now you’re standing, five months later; looking at that spot.
See here you’re standing, standing and trying to look tall.
Memories are flooding, flooding back to you, filling up your head.
Picture these memories, they’ve hurt you so bad.
Lookey here, love as it steers you through this awful turn.
Memories flooding back into me, memories that hurt.

Because I am standing, standing in a room.
And I am waiting, waiting so alone.
Now I’m feeling, feeling like crying.
No I want to go home.
As I stay standing, standing here alone.
Do You Remember?
I remember.


Gina said...

I love this, even though I'm not entirely sure of what it means... Is this supposed to be about someone running from their memories of an abusive boyfriend, or of a boyfriend who died or something? Or running from the guilt of having cheated on said boyfriend? I'm not quite clear on who "they" means in the first stanza, does it mean the memories?

One thing: I don't think you meant to say barley in the first line (barley is a type of grain), so maybe you should switch it to barely.

I thought this quote was amazing: "You're smiling, something you don't do too often./He's kissing you, something that happens too much." And the following lines are fantastic as well.

Ashley Intensity said...

thanks so much gina. i wrote this like last year and im not quite sure of wat i was thinking for for "they" in the first stanza. but yah its raelly mostly about running from memories and how you sort of look back on them and have everything be totally changed. and yes i did mean barely, i have to go bak and changeg that, i didnt even notice.