Friday, July 11, 2008

My Secrets

Spilling my secrets all over the floor.

Come on you dogs, come get them.

They’re the juicy gossip everyone waits for,

The secrets to my past.

So here are my thoughts spread from door to door.

Willing to be looked at and examined by all.

Here you see what you thought was just a girl.

Now you see deeper then a superficial punk.

You see father then just a miscreant.

Here look at me and you’ll see a deep perfectionist girl.

So look through these scars at tissue and blood,

They’ll all tell you stories, they’ll all tell you lies.

But listen up closely and you can hear,

The song of my heart as it cries.

My song of love is always inside,

Trying to play out and be loud.

It whispers my secrets from ear to ear.

Passing them on and changing them up.

I pick at my secrets spread out on the floor.

Looking them over, reading their noise.

My secrets are greatest, my secrets are best.

My secrets put everything you know to the test.

Come look at my secrets here on the floor.

Now they are secrets no more.

1 comment:

Gina said...

You sure lived up to your username, Ashley- this was really intense.