Friday, July 11, 2008

My Once Empty Song

My Once Empty Song
By: Charis Alexandra

Sometimes the notes are horrendous
Such a harmful melody
Sometimes they scream
They screech and they moan
Until my ears want to bleed
And I sit and wonder why
This song has turned on me
How this could be
My once so sweet melody
We used to dance along
Hum rhythms of empty songs
And I had once just longed
For something so much more
But now the notes have changed
As if in some sick kind of game
And I sit holding my ears
Not Dead
But still so disarrayed


Sabby said...

Wow, that was really powerful

Ashley Intensity said...

i really loved this. i loved how you used metaphors for something thats going on and talked about it like it was a song. that was really good.