Friday, July 11, 2008

Breathe It In

Here it comes, here comes the breath.

Breathe it in long and low.

Live again with this breath.

A breath from you, a breath to me.

Remember to breathe again, breathe it in.

In and out, here comes the breath.

In and out, here comes the rest.

Remember to breathe, never forget.

Breathe it in, here comes the breath.

Pushed from your lungs, here I’m sending it back.

Breathe it in back through those lungs,

Speckled and scared, blackened and tarred.

Breathe it in, here comes my breath.

Breathe it in though it may hurt.

Breathe it in through all the dirt.

Don’t forget to breathe, I know you want to.

Breathe this in and don’t forget.

Don’t forget, never forget, here it comes, here comes the breath.

Here’s a breath to keep you alive.

Here’s a breath to put you in drive.

This is my breath that’s saving your life.

It contradicts the gun, the cut, the heartbreak you feel.

This is my breath of life.

Here it comes, breathe it in.

Hold on tight here comes the breath.


J9 said...

ashley, I REALLY dig this poem. the entire flow of it works incredibly well.

Bela said...

I like this poem a lot. However, it seems as though your rhymes are very forced in some places. MAy I suggest the "AB" rhyming scheme?

Gina said...

Bela, I don't think this is meant to rhyme so much as to mimic the continuous rhythm of CPR. I think that's what this is about, right? Giving CPR to a gunshot wound victim and helping them stay alive before help arrives?

Gina said...

Well, I just read it again and I do agree with Bela a little bit more now, but I still think it's brilliant.