Friday, July 11, 2008

The Recital

After months and months of hard work, anxiety, strained muscles and tears
It is time to showcase what we have prepared, ready or not
My shoes have pounded so hard against the wood floor in the studio that they are ripped and frayed and I can see my toes peeking out
Walking into the dressing room of the theater, I am greeted by all of my friends with nervous chatter and strained smiles
The familiar smell of hairspray encompasses me
I begin to apply my makeup and style my hair but my heart is beating so fast that it is causing my hands to shake uncontrollably
I replay the pieces over and over in my head, step by step, trying not to panic when I come to something can’t remember
I get the company together and try to convince them not to be nervous, feeling extremely hypocritical, as the butterflies are taking over my entire body
We are called backstage and form a line, waiting for our turn
The crew motions for us to get into our positions and we run on stage after squeezing each other tight
And then it happens
The lights come up and the music starts to pump through the giant speakers, gradually at first and then thudding with intensity
All of my inhibitions have vanished
My body is consumed by the pulsing beat and I feel completely immersed in the rhythm
The choreography comes to me naturally, as if I have subconsciously known it my whole life
I feel as if I am speaking another language with my movements, telling a part of a story through each step
Everyone on the stage can feel it too
As we turn and leap into different formations I can see the passion and drive in their eyes that has completely quelled their fears
I savor the very last moment before the song comes to an end and then run up to take my bow
The mounting applause and the bright smiles on the audiences’ faces make me want to stay right here forever
I can’t even remember why I was so worried before.
This is what I was meant to do.


J9 said...

still excellent a week/two weeks later :-)

Carolyn said...

story of my lifeee!!

you totally captured EXACTLY how it feels before going onstage, very descriptive
i like it!!

Gina said...

I totally agree with the description of the crazy emotions and the awesome feeling you get being onstage... I love the smell of hairspray too. XD