Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You lied to me

You lied to me
You told me you loved me
Now what is this i see?
You, here with her
I found out last week
You best friend told me
I came over
You wern't there
I called and called you wouldn't answer
He told me
You were with her
You told me that we would have sometime to ourselves that day
But i guess there was someone else instead
You lied to me and now its over

You lied to me
You told me you would never leave me,
Hurt me, lie to me or even make me cry
Now today
Seeing you two together,
I couldn't help but to cry
I didn't believe it at first
But it's true
I saw you, sitting there relaxed
Not worried about a thing
Both your friends on each side of you
Cheering you on like it was the new thing
You saw me but acted like you didn't know me,
As i walked towards you
She walked up to you
I turned left
Acting like i was going somewhere else
Because i was ashamed of what i saw
You greeted her like you never greeted me
You held her in your arms
Stearing into her eyes
Then you gave he a hug then
It was followed by a passionate kiss
You made no effort to stop
You knew exactly what you were doing
I asked myself questions as i made my way to the exit,
How could I have been so blind?
Was i not good enough for you?
When did you decide to do this to me?
What did i do to you to deserve this?
I guess you stopped loving me
And there is nothing I can do to change it
You lied to me and now its over

You lied to me
I was dumb enough to trust you
I let my guard down,
I made a promise
I would never love you
You got me to trust you,
Believe everything you told me,
I thought it was just you and I,
But i guess that's no longer true
Now it's you and her or
Maybe there's one more too
I thought I meant everything to you
I thought you loved me
I thought i was your world
You made me feel like i'm worth less
Like someones old jewelry
Worn and thrown down
So all the effort we put in this
Was for nothing, nothing at all
Was it a waste of time or
Was this the way it was meant to be?
I will never love again
You lied to me and now it's over


Erin C. said...

this is sooo good

Marylisa E. said...

This is really good, and its soooo sad!!

Heather said...

Very powerful poem, Lamoyah. It's really sad, but it's also really good.

Hannah said...

what a great poem its sad but it was really good! well written love it