Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why He's Out To Get Them

Chapter One
A Discovery
Hi, I’m Cathy I live on top of a mountain. Only the people who live in Maine on the west side beyond Challenge Forest know about this mountain. A school is there beyond Challenge a doctor’s office, a pharmacy, and a grocery store. In that area there are only thirty-five houses, no fast food restaurants or any formal restaurants. Cathy only has five friends’ five extremely close friends their names are Delilah, Jack, Crista, Jake, and Will.
One day they were done with school and Crista asked “what’s underneath the mountain top were your house is upon”. “I’m not quite sure” answered Cathy. “Well let’s go find out” Will exclaimed excitedly. So off they went they climbed down the bend of grassy plains and the next thing that happened their eyes opened wide in awe. What they were looking at was a mountain on each side and threw the middle a calm river was flowing. There were five feet separated pebble banks every single thing was absolutely beautiful all the kids saw that was life was plants and animals.

Then an idea popped into Cathy’s mind. Cathy and her friends are all thirteen and all in a gifted group so she’s not dumb. Her idea was this could be a secret place for her and her friends to hang out. No one will know to look there that also means Cathy could get away from her sixteen year old sister, but not her three year old sister and nine year old brother. She was about to mention this to her best friend Crista when she saw a look on her face they were thinking the exact same thing. Then without being told they blurted out “this can be are secret hideout”.
Everyone else had a grin on their faces spreading to everyone in the group. Now they all were saying things like “hmmmmmmmmmm” and “yay that sounds like a great idea”. It worked out they all agreed it was a great idea. Will told everyone “Go get your swim suits and meet me her in five”. Cathy went up the grass and thought this is going to be great. She walked in and saw that her sixteen year old sister Becky had her boyfriend over so she was distracted. The three year old Reagan was down for her nap, and her nine year old brother Jeff was at the sport camp he wanted to do. She ran upstairs and got changed opened the linen closet door got a towel and put a dress on for a cover up.
She ran back down the sloop and was the second one there. Crista was first because her mother lets her wear a bikini. The boys and Delilah finally came down but Crista and Cathy were already in the lake. Will thought it was so unfair. Then Crista spoke up. “Do you guys know why we live here”? Her voice was shaky and quite not like the usual Crista. The rest of them shoke their heads no. Crista handed each person a piece of stride mint gum.”So” Crista said “I’ll tell you guys the story of are home the Challenge are town.”” When are great grandparents were kids they played in Kezer Falls”. “Are you serious” Delilah screamed. Well thought Cathy Kezer Falls is on the other side of the forest. Cathy liked the feeling of Mino’s swimming around her as she was floating.

Crista started up again. “Yes they did anyhow do you want to know the history I think you do. Are great-great grandparents were tired of Maine treating them like slaves. They knew that beyond the challenge forest there was a valley with streams, livestock, and crops. There was a lot more room for gardening then there is in Kezer Falls. “Now here’s a question what’s the Challenge named after?”Asked Jack when he was swimming closer to Delilah. I Cathy thought if he would pay attention in forest history, so I spoke up loud. “Ummm because there are so many Challenges which any of us wouldn’t think that cause were always running through Challenge. “Right you’re such an air head” she said then kissed Jack on the cheek Crista screeched “ewww.” Delilah told her, “Grow up”. After she said the whole air head I thought maybe she does pay more attention than passing notes to Jack. “Okay guys they decided to get someone through the Challenge they sent John Mason Cathy’s great-great grandpa.” “Are you serious my mom should have told me something about this.” “Cath relax Becky doesn’t know unless Janelle told here.” “Your sister knows” “Yah. Why?” “Just keep talking Cris” said Jake. “So John had to camp in the valley for one night so he camped on the mountain were Cath lives. “He went back and told his wife and best friend Tommy Huggins it was safe. They traveled through on horseback and surprisingly it only took two hours. All the men and boys got together and built our town the Challenge. Then they elected a mayor and it was my great-great grandfather Tommy Huggins. Like my dad’s mayor now. I was clutching my golden heart shaped locket. But what they didn’t know a guy from Kezer Falls was watching every move they made.

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