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Chapter 1
Grounded For Life

“Kimberly Ann Taylor! Get your butt down here this instant! You’re going to miss the bus!” yelled Mrs. Taylor. She was a stressed woman with three kids and a full time job. And she was not about to have her daughter miss the bus today. Today happened to be the day that Mrs. Taylor had the most important meeting of her life, and she was not planning to be late to it. If Kim missed her bus, Mrs. Taylor would have to drive her to school and that would mean that she would be late to her meeting.
“Hold on, Mom! Be a little patient! I’m already dressed and ready for school, I just need to get my books together.” yelled fourteen year old Kim Taylor. But in real life, Kim was still in her pajamas.
Kim was a freshman at Briarwood Academy in Sacramento, California. Her school dance was coming up, and she was most definitely going. Her rep and social life would be ruined if she didn’t. She had way too many important things on her mind, like picking out the perfect dress for the dance. The last thing she needed was her mother to get in the way of her plans. When would she stop yelling at Kim?
“You will not talk to me in that tone of voice!” yelled Mrs. Taylor. “All your brothers are already gone, and I’m leaving in two minutes. If you miss your bus, I will not drive you. You will be grounded if I get a call from your principal saying you were late to class again! Oh, and don’t forget your lunch!”
“Oh, I don’t need lunch today. The cafeteria is giving out free food because it’s the principal’s birthday.” lied Kim. She hated the lunch that her mother packed for her. Mrs. Taylor rolled her eyes and left the house. She was fed up with Kim’s lies. She could never tell if Kim was lying or telling the truth. But either way, she would probably never trust her own daughter again.
Kim groaned. There was no way that she could get to school on time, but she couldn’t be late, that would mean that she couldn’t go to the school dance. That would be a nightmare! Everyone at Briarwood Academy would never speak to her again. She would be a joke! Kim quickly threw her books into her backpack, applied a coat of clear lip gloss, and ran out the door, without bothering to get her lunch.
Just as she ran out the door, she saw the bus at the stop. She started sprinting. The bus started to drive away. She couldn’t make it! No!!!!!!!!
“Ring!” went the last bell and the doors to Briarwood Academy closed just as Kim rode into the school parking lot on her bike, panting. “My life sucks!

Chapter 2
Busted By The Principal

The principal’s office smelled of coffee and mothballs. There was a desk that was piled up with various folders, stray papers, and lots of pens and dirty coffee mugs. As Kim sat on a very uncomfortable wooden chair, she was thinking about what kind of lie she could make up to get out of trouble. Kim could get out of anything with a simple lie. She was the lie master. She would get into trouble at least once every day and get out of all of the sticky situations, but this time, not a single lie came to mind. She had already been late to school twenty seven times this year and lied about each one. For the first time in her life, Kim Taylor was out of lies. All she could do now is kiss the school dance goodbye.

Chapter 3
Mom Gets Angry

“I cannot believe that you would stoop this low!” yelled Mrs. Taylor, as Kim got out of the car. She had just gotten a call from the principal saying that Kim was late to school again, and she was furious. “According to your permanent record, you have been late to school twenty seven times this year. Twenty seven times! That makes you one of the worst students in your whole school! And on top of all that, your grades keep dropping and dropping. Soon there will be a grade called Z made just for you! What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?” lectured Mrs. Taylor.
“Sorry.” Kim said, examining her nails. Mrs. Taylor gave Kim a “do you want to get into more trouble” look. “What? I said sorry.” said Kim, as if she had no idea how rude she was being to her mother.
“I wouldn’t be so careless about this, Kim. Your tardiness has bought you two days of suspension from school.” said Mrs. Taylor with her hands on her hips. Kim still did not look amused. “That includes the school dance tonight.” And with that, Mrs. Taylor left Kim standing there with her mouth dropped open.
Chapter 4
De- friended

Kim’s life was so unfair. Just because she was late to school twenty seven times this year, and lies all the time and gets in trouble and has to go to the principal’s office at least once every day . . . . Well, if you put it that way, it does sound pretty bad, but there was no way that Kim would miss the biggest night of her life.
Then, Kim had an idea. She quickly dialed her friend’s number on her cell phone.
“Hello.” said a voice.
“Hi, Anne, it’s Kim. I need a favor.
“Why would I do a favor for you?”
“Cause we’re like best friends.”
“Not anymore. I can’t trust you. You lie to me all the time.” Anne hung up the phone.
Kim’s mouth dropped open and her eyes went agog. She had just lost her best friend. But wait, she could still call Jane and Ally. They were also really close friends.
“Hello?” said Jane.
“Who is this?” asked Ally. It was obvious that they were having a sleepover.
“This is Kim.”
“What do you want?” asked Ally.
“Yah, why don’t you just leave us alone?” said Jane.
“Huh?” Kim was confused. Were all her friends turning against her? And why did it have to be on the night that she needed them the most?
“Look, we aren’t your friend’s anymore.” said Ally.
“Yah, we’re sick of your lying.” said Jane.
“Good bye.” said Ally and she hung up.

Chapter 5
Sorry Feelings

Kim felt even more upset now than before. Now that Kim had lost all her friends, there was no one to help her escape her house and sneak into the dance. It wasn’t possible to do alone. She decided to go see what her mother was doing.
Kim peeked into the kitchen. She saw her mother talking on the phone.
“Really? Well, I’ve had an extremely stressful week.”. . . “Well . . . yah. I mean it’s not completely her, I’ve had a busy week at work too with lots of meetings, but if Kim would just behave, my week at work would be a whole less stressful.”. . . “Uh huh.” . . . “Mm hmm.” . . . “Look, Carol, my life is really hard right now. My two boys are angels compared to Kim. Why can’t she be a good kid?” Mrs. Taylor sighed. “Well, I’ll talk to you later Carol, I have to go run a couple errands. I’ll see you Thursday at the staff meeting.” . . . "Okay, got it. Good bye.” Mrs. Taylor hung up the phone with a loud sigh.

Chapter 6
Lie Lesson

Kim went back to her room. She was horrified by the conversation that her mother had with her friend on the phone. Was Kim really such a pain? Was she the reason why her mother was so stressed all the time? Well, it sure sounded like it. Kim new that lying was one of the things that made her mom very stressed. Also, her grades were getting worse and worse. Kim had to stop lying about her grades and wait until her mother found out by the principal. That always got her into bigger trouble.
She lay down on her bed, covered her head with her pillow, and started to cry, then to weep. Then she stopped. The reason that she couldn’t go to the dance and had no friends and nobody trusted her was because she lied so much. Kim used to think that lying would save her from getting into trouble, but all it has done to her now, is make her life more complicated. Maybe being honest would make her life easier? But wait, how could she get her friends and family and everybody at school to believe her that she was really choosing to be honest? She had been lying to practically everyone this year and no one would believe anything that Kim said. So, if Kim couldn’t explain to people in words, she was going to show them, but how?

Chapter 7
Earning Back Trust

Kim decided to do all her homework as best as she possibly could. She studied in the library for an hour. That was the first time that she had been in the library this whole year. She was not happy about doing this much school work, but she had to show people that she had decided to be a good kid. Kim had never worked this hard in her life.
The next day, Kim had a huge test to take. She was extremely nervous. Could she do it? Kim walked into the classroom and took her seat. The test was passed out and she was allowed to begin.
Kim walked home from school instead of going on the bus. When she got home, Kim’s mom was in the kitchen, cooking lunch. “Mom, I had a test today.” Kim said to her mother.
“Is that so? How come you have decided to tell me this?”
“I’m telling you this because I have decided to become a good kid. From now on, I promise to try my best to tell the truth and be honest and to try really hard on my school work.”
Mrs. Taylor looked astonished. “Really? Well then, if you’re such a good kid, you must have studied very hard yesterday and gotten a good grade on your test?” Mrs. Taylor said. But she looked like she didn’t believe Kim one bit.
“Yes, I studied for over an hour yesterday and I got a B on my test.” said Kim. She showed her mother her grade.
“Amazing!” exclaimed Mrs. Taylor. This time, she truly was astonished. And she hugged Kim. I am so glad that you have decided to be a good kid. And you know, if you keep studying so well, your B will become an A.” said Mrs. Taylor with a smile. Kim smiled back.
The next day at school, Kim walked up to Anne, Ally, and Jane. “Hey guys. I know that you don’t want to be my friends anymore, but I really do. I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry for lying to you guys so much. But now, I know that I made a huge mistake. If you guys forgive me, I promise to never lie to you guys again.” Kim said and started to walk away.
“Wait.” said Anne. We have decided to give you another chance. But if you lie to us again, you can forget talking to us ever again.” The two girls smiled at each other and the next thing they knew, they were all in a huge group hug.
“I am so sorry.” said Kim.
“It’s okay, we forgive you said Ally.
“Yah.” agreed Jane.
“You guys are the best friends ever!” said Kim. They all walked to class together that day, linking arms and laughing.
And from then on, Kim barely ever lied. She studied hard and soon got her first A on a test. She ended up being a great student, honest daughter, and a loyal friend. And all this happened because Kim Taylor decided not to lie.


Sabby said...

Wow, this is really impressive. I know ninth graders that can't write this well Sam.

Maddie said...

this is insanely good. it's smart, and although it was a little repetitive in the begining and some quotes were misplaced, it still is great!