Monday, July 14, 2008

what kind of love is this

You are the sun the moon and the stars to me.
But when you act the way you do it gets me mad
You feel like I am to just drop everything and come running to you
You don’t understand that what you want from me is not my #1 priority
It might be yours but it’s not mine
I try to explain it to you but you don’t want to listen
You get mad every time I say no
Or every time the plans change at last minute
You think that it is because I don’t want to but it’s because I can’t
Why can’t you understand that I can’t be the girl you want me to be?
You keep telling me that it’s not all about that any ways
But yet you are still asking for it
And when I say no you want to get mad
Well you know what get mad
Because this girl right here is taking a stand
Tired of you getting mad because I won’t give it to you and it’s not even my fault
What kind of love is this?
Is the question I am asking.
Why do you make me feel this way?
Like I don’t care about you
Like I don’t love you
Like I don’t want to do anything for you
Why must you do this to me?
Why do you doubt my love for you?
Why do you make me feel guilty for something that I didn’t do?
You make me want to cry sometimes when I’m with you
And sometimes when I am away from you
The things you say the things you do drives me insane
I don’t know how much more of this I can take from you
Sometimes when you pretend to break up with me
I just want to do it on the spot and end it once and for all
But there is something that keeps me saying yes for some reason
I don’t know what it is that you are doing but it has me tripping over you
Do you expect me to not be mad?
Do you expect me to just be like ok he’ll get over it and soon we will be cool again?
Do you think that I will always be here to take your mess?
Do you always expect me to welcome you back with open arms after all you said and do to me?
Why must you be so insecure?
Why can’t you understand that you are the only one that I want?
The only one I want to be with
The only one that I love
I don’t know how much clearer I can make to you
If you can’t see that I love you then I don’t know what else to do with you.

1 comment:

Gina said...

I like that this poem isn't so much happy vs. sad, it's more confused and frustrated. This is very real, like you've been here before...