Monday, July 14, 2008

The Hidden Jewels of Ellesmera

A twig snapped. Sulphur whipped around and his golden eyes pierced the darkness, looking for the source of the noise. Brazzle spread her wings and circled above him, searching as well. All was still. Not a leaf swayed of a bush rustle. A cockroach darted out from behind a bush and Sulphur crushed it with his large talon. Suddenly, a cry pierced the night air not to far away. "Brazzle get down here now, they found us!", Sulphur cried. Brazzle dove out of the sky headed straight for Sulphur. She landed on his back and folded her wings tightly to her sides. Her oak colored eyes were alert and darting around. "Hold on tight", Sulphur said as he prepared to take off. Brazzle dug her talons into Sulphur’s back, but he couldn’t feel it because of his tough, golden, dragon scales. Sulphur dug his back talons into the dirt and shot into the air. "How did they find us, we left no trail?", Sulphur yelled above the whipping wind. "I don’t know. They must have brought Fundor and Beroan." Brazzle yelled back. "You mean those Sinistra? I hear they have....." Sulphur was cut short as a briarwood arrow whizzed past his head. "They’re shooting!" Brazzle screamed. "We must take shelter within the trees!" Sulphur went into a dive. Right before they hit the trees Sulphur was hit by an arrow that pierced his heart.
To be Continued.....

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