Thursday, July 10, 2008


Nobody truly understood

To them it was all unknown.

That our past can never be let go,

For the future,

Is set in stone.

I remember the days

When it was just you and I.

It was only two of us,

And we never had to ask why.

But we were crossing a path

That was new in our minds.

And we were searching for something

That we never could find.

Another mistake we had to make,

Sorrow flew into our souls.

Robbing us of all our memories,

Leaving our hearts as empty holes.

It was the day everything changed,

It was then we realized

We would never be the same.

A memory that I still kept was you,

Looking into my brown eyes,

You had called them liquid pools.

We had sat and remembered the days

When we were such fools.

Now all is done,

But how to explain the truth?

There is only one way:

There was me,

And there was you.


Gina said...

No offense Bela, but I think this is the single most clicheed poem you have ever written. You're above using such bland description to force rhymes- you have a better imagination than this. USE IT!

Gina said...

That wasn't meant to sound mean. I said all that with the most caring intentions possible, you know that.

Maddie said...

you know bela, gina is right. i just didnt want to just come out and sya it but.................

it wasn't you. you usually one-up me in most writing, but this just wasn't that great.

Bela said...

Well actually, the point of this poem was to say things more than describe them. You know, like telling a story.
But I appreciate the critiquing!

Maddie said...

good to know that you appreciate that......

(muah ha ha ha ha)

Bela said...

Hush, puppy.
(that's my new phrase!)