Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On the Brink SCENE 1


“And we’re on in… 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1- Action!”
“Good morning, this is NOW News, reporting to you with news directly from Newark! Today we have some intriguing stories that will surely get you on your feet! Our first topic will be about a reported case of chicken pox on the loose. Next we will discuss the ingredients in coffee and how they affect your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Lastly, we will mention how a crazy eight year old is continually steeling paper from Wubsnab Elementary School (a.k.a. WES). After a quick break we will be taking calls from around the state. Stay tuned.”
Katie Blake, head reporter, shuffled routinely over to the dull computer station, taking in every detail of the lab area for the 1,223rd time of her career (she’d been counting). There was absolutely nothing extraordinary about the area. A repulsive microphone was complete with a tacky Styrofoam tip and the motto, “NOW News”. A widescreen dell sat restlessly on the polished wood desk. Katie tugged down the projection screen, her mind distracted with distant memories. UM college had opened many doors toward her future. After all, it led her here: the California news station. Two months ago, everybody in the region watched the program and knew her name. She had been famous, with a perfect and successful life. Currently, the business was heading through a rough patch, jeopardizing paydays and viewer amounts.
“Okay, people! Places,” Ralph Dibbler bellowed from his director’s megaphone. Katie snatched the microphone and positioned a fake grin on her smug face.
“We’re back, and thanks again for joining us today on NOW News. I am currently at the computer station where I will be answering questions from folks in California. Let’s begin with Hailey from Woodside. Hailey?”
A smoky voice filled Katie’s headset. “Katie, I just moved here from Arkansas. I began watching this channel for the news, but I fall asleep before I get the latest! It’s so boring! Get some new stories.”
“Thank you for your insight,” Katie shuddered nervously. “Let’s move on. James from San Clemente?”
“Hi. I have a question. Katie, who writes the news on this show?”
Out of excitement, she responded, “I do! Why?”
“Because it’s incredibly immature,”
“Oh,” Katie bit her lip anxiously.
On her walk home, Katie reached up to her face in anticipation of nibbling her nail. Instead, a drop of salty liquid flew from her right eye and landed atop a knuckle. Her aching eyes could no longer hold back the flood that was pushing against her lids. Tears began to stream down her rose cheeks, creating a shiny stream flowing over the edge of her chin.

More is coming..... just tell me if you want to read on!!!


Kitty said...

If you liked this story and want to continue reading it, tell me and I'll post scene 2. It's already done!

Sabby said...

I would love to read more, Kitty! <3

Gina said...

Great title, and I'll go read the second scene... I love the name Ralph Dibbler, it's hilarious, and I like the authentic-sounding news chatter.