Thursday, July 10, 2008

Three Poems

Grown-up Girl

Smearing on heavy, pink paste

Dabbing the eyelids with violet

Powering a white, freckled nose

Darkening those wide, tiger irises

Look Mommy, look!

I’m all grown up.

Christmas Surprise

Hazel eyes twinkle with anticipation

Fingers tug the red ribbons

Tearing apart Rudolph wrapping paper

Hesitantly peeking under the box

It’s exactly what she wanted.

Breaking Dawn

Sunshine streaming through the glass

The white glare is blinding

Eyelids still heavy with fatigue

Enveloped in the soft sheets

Wishing light would turn into darkness.


Gina said...

The juxtaposition of these three different poems is really thought-provoking. They seem to go loosely together in a sort of story, like three moments in someone's life. Very cool.

Joanna K. said...