Friday, July 11, 2008


Stepping out into the autumn wind my hair gets blown to one side and a chill comes over me. I pull my new coat tightly around me it makes me feel much better like a small child snuggly wrapped in the sheets of his bed. I almost trip as I walk down the uneven sidewalk. Across the street is a park covered with trees dressed for the season with orange and yellow leaves. My nose has had clear liquid running out of my nose all morning. But the whole reason I went out today was to help my nose, out of the bag I just left the store with I pulled out a wool scarf. I wrapped the scarf around my neck and lower face and that warm felling returned. Having my nose warmer makes my ears feel ten times colder and now I wish I bought myself a pair of earmuffs. As uncomfortable as my nose felt I couldn’t resist the urge of walking across the street and spending some time in the park. Fall always makes me remember why I live in this town as I sit down in a circle of benches. In the middle of the circle is a statue of a man seeing all the leaves in bunches around the man legs makes me smile. That might sound like something small but any town with a good park and statue is alright for me. But is that all I really want out of life a statue? This town is nice but is that all I want a quiet town where I just enjoy looking at leaves of different colors? Maybe this isn’t all I want maybe it is time to work harder find a job with a better income, move to the next town over with all the big houses and nice cars.
Enough time has been killed so I get up off the bench. Make my way back to the streets and begin walking back to my plain old house. Then a hand juts out of a small alley way in front of me. I am startled and jump back. A hissing voice comes from the alley,” Hey I got something you might want to see.” I am scared but this has peaked my interest maybe this will lead to a little adventure I need to make my life more colorful. So I enter, at first it is a real struggle to fit then the alley becomes roomier. Whoever it was that enticed me to come in here is no longer visible. The alley way comes to an end and I am still by myself. I look around brick walls surround at the far end of this square I have found myself in is a small building. Since why curiosity is still strong I walk over to the small wooden shack it has a sign on it saying it is a yachting club. Why a yachting club is here is beyond me but that doesn’t stop me from entering. Three huge men sit at a table in a corner one of them gives me a friendly hello and waves me over. The place must be an old bar tables and liquor fill the room. I grab a drink and sit down on the remaining seat at the table with the three men. We talk for a while and they seem friendly enough, this isn’t exactly the adventure I was thinking it would be. Eventually one man stands up and says,” Now let me show you want to see.” Without missing a beat I get and so do three other men we walk towards a green door near the back of the room. One man pulls out a key and begins to open the door. We enter, one light hangs from the ceiling and the new room is not much bigger then a closet. The three join me in the room then I notice three baseball bats leaning against the wall. One man rips my new coat off of me and throws it on the ground. I go to pick it up but then I feel the first hit of one of the bats. I go down and enter a storm of blows from the bats.My eyes open and I feel sick, I am in the same room where I got beat up. I look down my clothes are blood stained as well as my mouth, chin, and nose. I try to get up but immediately fall down, my legs must be broken. I crawl out of the room, threw the bar, out of the alley area. Night has come and I am the only person in the area. I pull myself across the street and enter the park. There I am again in the circle with the statue. But that is all I need a good park and statue and I am alright.

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