Thursday, July 10, 2008

An evening

It’s quiet, all silent,
Nothing but the dull roar of the news on T.V.
Home all alone not paranoid, I think.
A drop on the windowsill here and there,
From the rain that ceased two hours ago.
Leaving behind a cool crisp air.
It’s peaceful,
Serene yet maybe, just maybe there’s a small fear.
Expecting the quiet.
Drowsy and almost asleep,
The sudden ring of the phone startles me.
I jump, jump as high as the sky.
I sit on the couch with my face buried in the pillow,
laughing so hard at my surprise.


Gina said...

Haha, "dull roar of the news on T.V." I think you wrote a poem like this last year, but you were preparing to attack intruders with a candlestick or something like that...

Maddie said...

this is really cool. it seems like you have a really unique way of writing. It's more mysterious and very very truthful. You have definately explained me at least, home alone.