Monday, July 14, 2008


this is the prologue of my story, Aioniotita, which in Greek means "Eternity" enjoy!

Prologue: Myths, Snakes, and Curses

As myth states, the memorable night did take place. The night when three gods and a hero came together to kill the most wicked woman in the land.
With her wild serpent hair, and face so ugly that it could turn men into stone, Medusa kneeled by her bed, her head down on the ground.
She could see them coming. She had visions of a man in the night, surreptitiously creeping along the forest line.
She was in a great deal of pain, and close to giving birth. One last thing to do before she died: have that baby.
She was in too much pain, and without the proper care, there was a good possibility she could die right then and there.
But she persisted, and then it was over. Her head was heavy, and she so badly wanted to let it drop to the ground. But she had to see her child.
She looked up, and there was her little girl, lying silently on the ground, her eyes closed.
One of Medusa’s deadly vipers snaked around her eye. She swiftly wiped it away.
She was pierced inside by what she saw now. He daughter’s hair, growing furiously out of her head, was a group of little vipers, curling and entangling with each other.
Medusa was stung with hatred for the goddess of wisdom. She put her hand over her daughter’s still body.
She mumbled some words under her breath. The serpents stilled, and dropped lifeless to the ground. They were replaced with think locks of brown curly hair. And she placed two more spells on the child, however, nothing changed immediately.
Two pairs of white hands took hold of the silent child and pulled her out of Medusa’s sight.
“She will be safe.” A voice hissed, but Medusa couldn’t look up. Her head was spinning, her vision growing blurry.
She only had time to whisper, “Cilerius”.

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Ashley Intensity said...

ahhh carolyn's story!!! i really wana read the whole thing. that would make me happy lol