Saturday, May 24, 2008


Hi everyone,
Just letting you know that I now have my
own blog with all of my past writing and more!!!
Be sure to stop by...I miss you guys!!! Everyone is
invited!!! The URL is:

Please come and see me!!! And I won't stop writing on
this blog either!!!
Don't forget to put your heart on paper,


Maria said...

Yippy skippy! I just added a link to your blog on Sound Bites....

-Maria, somewhat hyperly

Bela said...

YAY!!! Thanks so much!!! Wow, you're even more hyper than I usually am...that's actually great!!! Thanks again!!!

Gina said...

Hehe, shouldn't it be heart on pixels?

Bela said...

Hahaha!!!! That's actually really funny!!! I didn't quite get it at first, but that's just me.
So where have you been, Gina? You and Maria have to comment, AND write, you know!!!
Just kidding. That's for the made my day!!!
And somebody visit my blog and leave a comment already!!!
(remember to say who you are :-) )

Maddie said...

heyers..... its a really good blog, check it out.

Bela said...

Thanks for the publicity, Maddie!

Gina said...

Bela, I'm just trying to get my homework done and get to bed at a reasonable hour these days... I have three projects due on Wednesday. :P I am trying to write in my notebook every day though, and I did post something a week or two ago. So there. Yeah, I can defend myself! Heeheehee, just kidding. :D

Gina said...

Oh, and it wasn't that funny really, Bela.

Bela said...

It's cool, Gina. Don't worry about it! I thought it was funny...
Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say!!!