Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bleeding Heart

One sole droplet
from the fragile pink shape.
It hangs there,
never to hit ground.

It hangs there,
taunting those who watch.
Held captive inside the heart,
never to be let go.

the flower hangs there,
while prying,
eyes are set upon it.
Then it endures more pain
than before.

Torn off of the stem,
the bleeding heart is crushed
with one close of the hand.

Maybe ripped down the middle,
so that inside shows through.
Not as pretty on the inside
Unless pain is understood.

No longer thought of as perfect,
No longer thought of as superior.

Others watch from their bush,
all hanging from one stem.
It is their common link,
it is what holds them together.

Now the bleeding heart
is off of them stem,
forgotten on the ground.
No common link
is shared anymore.
Left there to stay until found,
when it can be ripped apart again.


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful Bleeding Hearts.

Maria said...

The visualization and emotions here are quite good.

You could claim this to be an extended metaphor for something- I'm not sure what, but you could!

Bela said...

Thanks!!! Actually, you're right on. This is somewhat of an extended You're very good at figuring these things out!!!

Gina said...

Well, she's quite observant, I taught her well. XD Just kidding, of course. Like many of your other poems recently posted, I can see this being read by a dryly sarcastic voice as the imagery is played out on a stage or screen. Your narrators seem quite wry, am I right?

Bela said...

Well, it seems as though you both have a talent for writing AND theme-finding!!!
(That's a word, right?)

This poem can be read sarcastically, that actually works well!!!
When I wrote this, it was actually kind of depressing, almost as if to say, "my heart is breaking".

However, I like this way as well!!! And you're right...most of my poems can be read sarcastically!!! I guess they have that tone to them. But a couple of them really can be understood from a sadder point of view.

I swear, you're both a couple of geniuses, or something. What's in the water where you live? Could you send me some? :-)

Gina said...

Well, when I said sarcastically, I was really meaning that the voice of narration was reading it unfeelingly, without emotion, so that the reader would absorb the whole impact of the poem through listening to the words. From listening to 27 Fall Out Boy songs in a row today (not by choice, thank you very much) I was interested to notice how much of their songs sound alike and seem to have similar meanings because the lyrics become an unrecognizable fuzz after a while. This made the musical arrangements extra important, but I think sometimes that it should be the other way around.

Oh, by the way, because you wanted to know, the water here is sprinkled with magical fairy dust daily by the magical purple unicorns who live with the magical pink ponies in the magical forest where they eat magical raisin toast and magical tea for their magical lunch every magical day! And no, you can't have any, we're on strict rations as it is now.

Gina said...

Well, theme-finding can be a word if I can say the word PLATYPUS!!!more than four times (PLATYPUS!!!) in this comment. Do you think, my dear PLATYPUS!!!, that this is possible? Many a PLATYPUS!!! would think that this is not so. PLATYPUS!!! There, I've done it. Now I can die happily.