Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pick Your Flowers

Each person asks
at least once in a lifetime,
what flower am I?

Am I the tulip?
Opening up just enough to show
my inner beauty
to all?

Am I the rose?
Growing among many others
but still beautiful,
still special,
in my own way?

Am I the daisy?
Is it that no one knows my true being?
Do my white petals only hide
who I truly am?
Is it my sun inside,
that is really me?

Am I the bearded iris?
Manly enough on the outside,
yet still beautiful and sensitive
on the inside?

We are more than one flower,
but not every single one.
We are all a bouquet of
We are all flowers,
each one special
and unique.
But what is in your bouquet?
Each one is different...
pick your flowers.


Anonymous said...

what a nice poem!

Silverdale flowers

Bela said...

Thanks! That means a lot! No one really posts anymore, so it's nice to hear from someone!!!

Anonymous said...

Really good poem, nice format. Would you consider maybe including the meanings of the flowers like a red rose means love or whatever. I like the moral of the poem that you use at the last stanza, especially the last line.

Maria said...

This is one of your more sentimental, dare I say cheesy or mushy, poems. I still enjoyed it, though.

There is something that bothered me about this poem, but I'm not sure what it was; therefore I cannot really give you any constructive criticism. Work with this one a little bit and see what you can get out of it. Interesting concept.

Bela said...

Thanks...? No, I'm just kidding! That actually really helps!!! I was in a cheesy mood...
Try and find out what it is that bothers you!!! I really would like to know!!! Thanks again!!!

Gina said...

Maybe Maria was bothered about the skimping on description for the first flower, when the next two have lots of face time, especially the daisy. I have a feeling you feel most sympathetic towards the daisy?... It sure is interesting to have three fairly common flowers, then out of the blue comes this bearded iris! I'm not even sure I know what it looks like, or if it is basically the same as other irises?

Bela said...

Well, the tulip can be described in many ways, but sometimes the less that is said, the more the reader feels and thinks. Make sense?

The daisy, huh? And just what are you implying?
Only kidding. I suppose I can see myself in a lot of different flowers, but maybe that one applies to me most...I'll have to think about that one.

The bearded iris is just another iris, but with one extra petal that is folded a bit at the end, almost making it look like stubble from a beard. That is, it does to me. Correct me if I'm wrong...

Thanks again to the both of the genius twins!!!

lauren said...

that was beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Gina said...

Ew, please don't say "genius twins" again. It makes me think of Barbie dolls being suffocated in thick clear plastic wrappings unable to escape. Don't know why, but it does. >P