Sunday, May 18, 2008

You're Mine, I'm Yours

Tell me you love me,
that you're not scared
to open your arms
and let your fears go.

Tell me there's a chance,
that no matter what
you'll care.

Tell me I'm safe,
that you're my haven
and you'll be here for me.

Tell me you love me,
that no matter what,
you're mine and
I'm yours.


Anonymous said...

this is really good. i think i'm still suprised at how mature your writing and comments are. Is this about a friend, boyfriend, family member or life though?

Bela said...

Thanks! You'd never guess that I'm at least two years younger than everyone here...

This can really be about anybody. I kind of left that open to the reader. But to me, this is about everything. Each stanza represents a different person. Keep commenting!!!

Maria said...

Fix the title, please!!! "You're Mine, I'm Yours" is how it should read.

I'm guessing:
Stanza 1: boyfriend
Stanzas 2 & 3: parents/family
Stanza 4: everybody you care about

That comma after "Tell me there's a chance" is really bothering me. You use the other commas effectively, though.

Short, sweet, simple!

Bela said...

Whoops, I must have been in a rush...I'll fix the title!!! Sorry!!!
You named every one!!! (As usual!) My gosh, you're good at that!!! The commas are supposed to read like a sentence and how it is read aloud. But I see what you mean...

Thank you so much!!! I love that you're commenting!!!

Gina said...

This could be a country/pop/rock song, if you added rhythm and a few lines. Just saying.

Bela said...

Wow, Gina. I just tried that out and it works!!! I'll get right onto writing that...look for it on my new blog!!!

I was actually just talking to my mom about that this morning...I guess you two really think alike!!!
I love that suggestion!!! Thanks so much!!!