Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Beginnings

all is forgiven
that made my day
i feel a lot better
things won't stay the same.

i thank you so much
i felt so heart-broken
you became a missing piece
that is now getting fixed

things may not be perfect
we will both be so careful
i love you so much
i hope that i'll deserve it.


Bela said...

I like this a lot! I wonder why... :-)

Gina said...

Hi Maddie. By the way, beginnings has no double g.

Is this poem about a friendship, or a more-than-friends relationship? I suppose it's vague enough to apply to anyone you wanted it to.

Maddie said...

this was about one of my best friends until things went a little too far. we both got worked up and i said some hurtful things.

Basically, she hated me, wouldn't talk to me, nothing. Then a few days ago, she emailed me and told me she'll give me a second chance. i was so happy cause i felt sick with myself after i realized what i had done.

we are taking it slow, no person to person contact yet and no phone calls either, but we are emailing 24/7.

this basically was to say thank you, and i'll try to be better this time. it'll go slow, but better.

i won't say who it is though, unless she wants to say it herself....

oh and thnx bela, ur blog is great!

lauren said...

the poem is so pretty i like it a lot!!! good job