Thursday, January 10, 2008

You Scare Me Most

Is there something inside of you?

What’s compelling you to act this way?

Lack of affection?

Poor upbringing?

What gives you the right?

Why transfer your anger to others

And make them feel your pain?

Don’t hurt me in this way.

No one deserves to suffer.

Don’t make this about me.

Keep your feelings yours

And I’ll keep my feelings mine.

If you ask me what scares me,

I just might say you.

To the bullies of the world:

Forget about hate,

And don’t discriminate

Against all of us

that you’re treating like nothing.

We’re all human beings here,

Can you act like one?


Maddie said...

omg this is so good? who'd u write this, i cant write poems anymore 2 save my life.

Bela said...

Thanks! It was for school. I guess I'm just good at remembering these things. Glad you like it!

Maddie said...

who's this about?????

Bela said...

I was bullied a while ago by my peers. No big deal, though. It's been taken care of. I was pretty mad when I wrote this.

Maria said...

Who are these [expletive deleted], where are they, and how soon can we go there to beat the crap out of them?!!?!?

Just kidding.

Once you get through that crap and you don't have to deal with those people anymore, it feels soooooo good. I'm really glad you pulled through; otherwise we wouldn't get to read your amazing writing!

Bela said...

Thanks. That really means a lot. And I've found that taking out anger or sorrow by writing is a lot better than yelling, screaming, and especially hitting.