Friday, January 11, 2008

The girl I'll always love

Sitting in my lap is all hope as we know it
For this little one shall be the one to be proud of
She’ll get high honors all through her years
In the highest classes all among her peers.

Here is the girl that will be accepted to Harvard
But unlike others will go somewhere else
She is the one who will be athletic and cool
A popular girl
Sweeter than any have seen.

Here is the girl sitting in my lap
A cute little darling
That puts up with my crap
She is the one who I’ll favor forever
She is beloved little sister.


Bela said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is so beautiful!!!
Claire is so lucky to have you as a sister, Maddie!!!

Maddie said...

i no i no.......jkjk. i can b a pain in her ass sometimes and sometimes the other way around. but when it comes down 2 it, we luv each other.

Gina said...

Hmm... the emotions that run through this song are interesting... at the beginning, it sounded very parent-like, in the middle the tiniest bit envious, and doting at the end. How old is your sister? I can't tell at all from the poem, no offense intended.

Maddie said...

she's 5 almost 6 but is sometimes really mature. i love her and believe me she's already popular. she's a kindergartener with 30 friends[we counted] and is funny and cute and im just rpoud of her cause i have a feeling she'll be my little sister who will be so smart and popular and will be such a good person, that i'll be jealous.

i know that she learns so much from me and i hope she'll be watever me and my brother can't acomplish and will make my parents proud.

Bela said...

I totally agree with Gina! But I can sense that your sister is at LEAST 1 or 2 years younger than you (If I didn't know her). I'm sorry, but this is just too beautiful for words!!!
I'm such a sap.

Maddie said...

yes..........i no u r.

Kenzie/Noodle said...

omg ur soooo nice. did u show this to claire? my mom would cry if i wrote something like this abut my bro. keep writing madster

Maddie said...

i showed it 2 my sis and my bro. my sis didnt really get it though becasue well, she's 5

Maddie said...
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Maria said...

"Maddie said...
i showed it 2 my sis and my bro. my sis didnt really get it though becasue well, she's 5"