Friday, July 17, 2009

Touching Me, Touching You

A moonlit night
Your hand in mine
Each passing moment
Something to be cherished
And when all else fails
Thoses memories will be what I hold onto
My lifeline
My hope
But right now
All that matters is you
You are a part of me
Something I can't let go of
My heartbeat seems to call your name
Each breath wispers "I love you"
Like an angel sent from heaven
You watch over me
You pull me into your arms
And your embrace surrounds me
Love seems to roll off you in waves
Each new wave brings about
Even deeper feelings for you
All these feelings
Are worth the world to me
And I would like to show you
How much they mean to me
As we walk
Hand in hand
Into the moonlight


Ms Wins said...

How about "Touching Me Touching You"?

Kenzie/Noodle said...

ooo i like that! thanks!