Tuesday, July 14, 2009



To look back, to hold onto

something that you've already left.

Memories are what hold bonds

sometimes stronger than anything else alive.

They allow empathy, but they can

also be so negative. These are

what trigger someone to live

as though they are experiencing

a traumatic moment that never

will seem to end. The problem is

that time never stands still.

If you hide out, chances are

that the world will move on

without you.


they hold together our world,

they keep people alive

without the memories

our world would never

have grown.


Bela said...

Awww, sad =( 'Member when I wrote that Memories poem, too? WE'RE CONNECTED!! Miss you guys, good times =(

Maddie said...

haha yeaa... this is very sad...
i do not remember your memories poem, but i wanna see it! is it on blogger??? and I MISS YOU TOO <3