Monday, July 6, 2009

Help Me W/ Title

Sometimes i wonder
Wether those searching eyes
Are searcing for me
Or someone else
Mine are searching for you
That is certain
I wonder if those things you say
The way you act
Are your way of showing
You care
Or if you're just being yourself
Because that's just the way you are
Your smiling eyes
Your bell like laughter
All this and so much more
If only you would tell me
What these signs mean
Make the first move
Because deep down inside
I love you dearly
But i've been hurt to many times
To risk that hurt again
I don't want you
To think less of me
The opposite
I want you to let me into your heart
So i can put myself back together
But there is not much time left
So make it quick
Because soon
I will be
No more


Bela said...

Oh my god! Noodle, I love it :) And I sort of think that the lack of punctuation makes it can read it as a constant, never-ending slur of vowels and consonants! Woo! ...and you know I likey da slur =)

Email me, kay? You got troubles? I got answers =)

Kenzie/Noodle said...

haha thanks bels u never fail to make my day lol.

Anonymous said...

good job