Friday, August 22, 2008

You Left Me

You left that morning,
your soft steps
echoing through the house.

As you pulled your jacket on,
you tried to stop
the rough fabric from waking us.

Behind the wall
I was there.
But you didn't see me
like I saw you.

You didn't know I was there,
watching you as you
away from us.

I knew it would happen,
I could have stopped you.
But you were happy,
for once, you were happy
I could tell.

Halfway up the hill,
you smiled
as you looked back at our house.
I couldn't stop you
if you needed to go.


Maddie said...

who is this about?

Bela said...

I'd rather not say, it's kind of personal.

Bela said...

I'd rather not say. It's just kind of personal.

Bela said...

Whoops, sorry. I hate it when it prints my comments twice! Oh well.