Saturday, August 30, 2008


You left me standing in the rain
A broken heart full of pain
I wondered if you'd ever come back
Or if my waiting was for nothing
My hopes and dreams were shattered that day
My hopes for the future and my dreams for today
Your dazzeling smile stabed right at my soul
And your brilliant blue eyes seemed brighter than gold
My heart was filled to burst
So you'd be able to do your worst
By leaving me you cut me open
A cut that left me sad and broken
Until you come back I can not heal
I'll be at a place where theres nothing I can't feel
I'll feel sadness and pain
And sorrow and hurt
But the biggest thing I'll feel
Is my love for you
That feeling will leave me dead and crippled
Until you come back to put me back together
It might take days or it might take years
But I'll wait for you
That's all a broken heart can do

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