Saturday, August 30, 2008

Do You Need Me

I see him standing there
The handsome prince in my dreams
Yet he's not a prince at all
Just a normal person
Who walked into my life
But to me he's more than that
He's more than the deep blue pools
That are his eyes
More than his ruffled hair
And brilliant smile
That makes the sun look like it's just
A faint glowing sphere
He is a part of me
Something that I can't live without
Like a vital organ
That can keep me alive
Without him I am nothing
Just a lone shadow
Following the path of life
Yet I don't know if he needs me
Or if I'm just a nuisence
Who gets in the way
I don't know what to think
I know what I want to think
But it might not be true
So why should I keep hoping
I keep hoping because hope is a light in the darkness
And it keeps away the fear
That threatens to overwhlelm me
When all hope is lost
So I need you desperatly as you can see
But the question is
Do you need me

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