Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Love For You

Droplets of rain falling down
Mixing with my tears
Tears caused by you
You left though I know you had no choice
You walked out of my life
Yet you're still in my heart
The image of you
Keeps fading
The only way to sharpen it
Is to see you again
That won't happen for a while
That I am sure of
What I am not sure of
Is what I am feeling
I'm not sure if I am sad or happy
Sad because my time with you has come to an end
Or happy because I will see you again
Even if it won't be for a while
These feelings tumble around inside me
Fighting for space
Which one will win
I am not sure
Whichever one wins though
Won't totally rule my heart
Because there is an even bigger feeling
Rooted deep down in my heart
It won't move over for anything
This feeling will rule my heart for as long as I stand before you
And that feeling
Is love

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