Monday, March 16, 2009

CWP Sonnet

This place isn’t like any one beforehand
We write, we laugh, we try the best we can
We do our hardest, we learn on demand
Writing in blogs, we’ll write like some madman
I love my friends, the ones that really count
It’s what this place has provided for me
It is worth the whole entire amount
From foosball to the campus, I feel FREE
This experience just lasts a lifetime
It’s just this notebook, my friends, and it’s me
It is my summer, it is my downtime
I’ll never abandon this, I AM a devotee
Connecticut Young Writers is Perfect
The teachers, the writers, the whole aspect.


Gina said...

Not an easy task to complete, but you did it! The only lines I question as to whether they fit into the rhyme scheme are the first and 3rd to last lines. Other than that, nice work!

Maddie said...

thank you!!!! yeahh my attempt was a little iffy, but it took me like 2 hours, and i did manage to keep it 10 syllabels. thank you for checking!!!!

Gina said...

The reason I mentioned those lines is that they do not fit into the iambic pentameter, but if that wasn't one of your criteria, nevermind.

Maddie said...

hahaha yeah, the iambic pentameter was not required for us, nor was it being ten syllabels. we only needed the a,b,a,b... whole thing. i figured out the ten syllabels from looking at bela's sonnet, since i knew that she would have all the requirements.

Bela said...

Yaaaay ME! Haha, just kidding...but not really.

I adore this poem!...Partly because all of us shared the experience! But this really captures the memories of our summers! AMAZING job!