Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I want to go to the desert, where the sand rolls out for miles

Like a hundred million rolling pins creating endless piles

Where I can’t make out an image but the dust that clouds my eyes

And the onions don’t exist, because I know they’re in disguise

I’m sick of peeling all the layers just to find what’s underneath

Merely to be bitten by a pair of spiteful teeth.

Here, the sunlight is so blinding that I cannot see ahead

And the faceless phantoms lay at night, sprawled across my bed

The calming wind drifts through my ears and warms my anxious mind

Grasping each unsightly nerve and helping it unwind

While the cactus juice glides down my throat, embracing all my bones

Bruised and fractured, broken by a thousand careless stones

Where time is not a matter, not a clock or watch in sight

I’ll lie all day out in the sun, and maybe stay the night

But I’ll never need a single thing, no food or even clothes

I’ll breathe and drink my cactus juice and no one will oppose

Because here in Arizona, every feeling’s warm and bare

Every sense that you perceive is choked with Heaven in its air.

1 comment:

Gina said...

This is a rhymed reworking of a poem you posted some months ago, right? I can't seem to find the other post-- I wanted to compare. Ah well. I still like it a lot :)