Tuesday, January 13, 2009

need help w/ the ending

Those days were alwasy the best of days
Back when all we were worried about
was how our writing was turning out
no school, no crushes
just plain old fun
noah, mara, maddie, bela, gina, maria and me
the foose ball machine our destination
after every lunch
the way we laughed and goofed off
eating ice cream and soda
how I was Noodle then
not kenzie or mackenzie
those times were alwasy looked forward to
a whole new type of fun
sure people thought it was goofy
to waste your summer at a writing camp
but they hadn't experienced the special times
the laughs, the crys
that we all shared


Maddie said...

im in love with this poem, check your blog for my very long comment

Maria said...


Kenzie/Noodle said...

lol thnxs maria and maddie