Thursday, January 22, 2009

Favorite Days

My favorite days are when something exciting happens unexpectedly, and I am so happy and impatient that I actually wake up in the morning. My toes curl and uncurl in anticipation under the covers. Finally, I go to sleep, and dream happy, fast dreams that quickly segue into the next morning. There is no more rewarding a feeling than going to sleep happy and waking up the next day.

Only problem is that my math mid-term is tomorrow, so I don't know if the happy will last...but it's all good. When I wake up happy in the morning, I usually do some stretching, which gets my endorphin count up or something like that. So here's the plan: go to sleep happy, wake up excited.

(If anyone wishes to complain about the poor literary quality of this rambling two paragraphs, please leave a comment including the following: "I feel the literary quality is substandard to that of the writer's former posts, and I wish to register a complaint in the form of a disapproving comment. You have wasted my time, my effort, and my human dignity." To be thoughtfully considered, this aforementioned comment must also fit in the words "karaoke", "spittoon", and "myrrh".)

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